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Dash cams are not only an essential tool for increasing safety, 

but they also help drivers involved in an accident to prove 

who is truly at fault by providing an unbiased and honest video recording.

Here are a few benefits to investing in dash cams for your fleet:
Keep an honest and unbiased accident witness both inside and outside your fleet vehicles.
Gain useful evidence when your driver is involved with various “crash-for-cash” scams.
Real-time GPS positioning of vehicles can keep your business safe and efficient.

* U1000, QA100, and Q800PRO Only
Dash cam systems help keep your drivers accountable, helping form better habits.
Fleet mangers can identify at risk drivers and use driving footage to learn and help them become better drivers.
Find out what happened before, during and after a collision. Helping prove your drivers are not at fault during an incident.
“What happened?” is a question you do not have to ask again. By not having dash cams in your vehicles you have to rely on your drivers give you accurate details after an incident.
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